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Spring State Testing Changes

With the implementation of Common Core State Standards, there are going to be some changes to State Testing. Here is a breakdown of some of the changes your student should expect to see. Here are some things that may be useful in preparing your student(s) for the test:
  • The Writing Prompt is the biggest change.  This (more rigorous) prompt will ask students to produce evidence based writing from at least two passages.
  • There will be a "field test" embedded item (which requires reading and evidence-based response) in tests for grades 3,5,6 and 7.
  • MATH will appear more rigorous, this is a result of the low level questions being removed from the test.
  • The removed math questions are based on the GLEs that will not be taught with Common Core State Standards.
  • The items that remain are based on the Grade Level Expectations that will remain for Common Core State Standards.