South Plaquemines High School

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Congratulations to SPHS students passing the IC3 test!

picture 1:
first row- left Curtis Sylve, Wade Barthelemy, Tatum Ingaraham
2nd - Ashlyn Bartholomew, Tykeyla Bochner, Trenalyn Mackey,Teacher: Mrs. MelJoanne C. Lemaire
3rd- Kevin Drury, Logan Hewitt, Joey Duplessis, Alec Lacombe, Shaun Harvey, and Richard Ancar
not in the picture:Danielle Boyd

picture 2:
1st row- Lashn Scott, Gavin Dinette, Eri Leboeuf,
2nd - Teacher: Mrs. MelJoanne C. Lemaire,Justice Phillips
3rd- Luke Serpas, Malik Prout, Kaitlyn Popich, Sabrina Wall, Taylor Parker
4th- Isaiah Allen, Rickey Moreau, Nathan Spencer, and Jasmine Barthelemy
Not in the picture: Alexis Humble, Jacob Landry, James Longley, Tyler Martin, Brian Reno, Jonquel St. Ann and Dakota Wilson.