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High School Credit Recover

Did your high schooler fail a class this school year? 
Is your high school student interested in getting back on grade level?  
-If you answered YES to either of these two questions please read the form description. 
-By completing the form we will determine your students eligibility for credit recovery. 

This summer South Plaquemines High School will offer credit recovery to high school students who are interested in POSSIBLY getting back on grade level or graduating with their class.  The program will allow students to take up to two courses ON CAMPUS using odyssey ware.  The school counselor will audit the students transcripts to determine the courses the student needs.  The class options will be focused on missing electives, science or social studies credits needed for graduation pathways. There is no fee associated with this program.  The program will run from June 6th through June 30th (Monday - Thursday) from 9 am - 1 pm.  Students will receive a free breakfast and lunch each day.  We will provide transportation if needed. Bus routes will be begin at 8am in the morning.  ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for the credits to count as an official Carnegie unit.  We will have a certified teacher in place each day to assist students with the program and the assignments.  

Please complete this form if you are interested in this program for your student.