South Plaquemines High School

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Computer Repair and Replacement information

Students are responsible for the physical damage and repairs to the computer they were issued.  If the damage is not physical there is no charge for the repair– examples WIFI does not work, charger that is no longer working, or a button that does not work. 

Below is a list of common replacement cost – Contact is being made to each parent via phone and email on a case by case basis about damage to the computer or lost chargers. 

Common Computer Replacement/Repair cost. 

Dell Laptops replacement lost or stolen $950

Chromebook replacement lost or stolen $285

Chargers $20

Keypad and Mouse Pad $20

Keyboard $40

Cracked screen

                Dell 5400 and 3100 $100 - $125

               Chromebook $50


If parents prefer to purchase their own replacement chargers for the Chromebooks they can search for either a 45-watt or 65-watt Type C charger with wall charger.

Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Office Depot all carry them.  Prices range from $18-$45